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About Holly Grove

     Since it's inception in 1954, Holly Grove has grown into a diverse church, with believers from many different backgrounds. Our church is now home to two main buildings: our sanctuary where we regularly meet for Sunday and Wednesday services, and the Kingdom Life Center, which houses The Ark Childcare Center, a fitness center, basketball courts and much more. Our campus also houses a softball field where we have hosted a church softball league for over 20 years. 

     We believe that Believers are called to spread the good news of Jesus Christ. Our members are encouraged to serve and worship freely. We hope that the body of Christ feels welcomed and that community is created at our fellowship. Most importantly, our church is committed to making disciples. 

Our Mission

A Place Where MERCY is Practiced

Mature all people through the proclamation of God's Word​


Exalt God through Worship in Spirit and in Truth​​

Reach a lost world with the good news of the Gospel


Comfort lives by meeting needs and healing hurt through Jesus


Yield loving relationships through divine fellowship with one another

Our Mission
Our Vision

Our Vision

Equipping believers to engage people who are far from God, so that they can encounter Jesus. 

Ministers and Deacons

Ministers and 

Rev. Mitchell Brewington 
Ministers Joseph &

Noemi Goodman

Minister Millie Gutierrez
Rev. Daniel Gutierrez
Minister Gail Parker
Pastor Julius Simmons
Minister Patricia Sutton

Ruling Elder Earl Fields​

Dexter Ammons
Elvis Ammons
Mike Ammons
Prentice Jacobs
Donald Parker
Harold Simmons, Sr.
Juan Miguel

Rev. Bill Chaney (Coharie Methodist Church)

Rev. Russ Emanuel (Olive Grove Church)

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